Functional Movement System In Hallandale Beach

Functional movement hallandale beach

Functional Movement Systems in Hallandale Beach

If you suffer from musculoskeletal pain that prevents you from moving properly, you may have tried many treatments and exercises without lasting relief. But now there’s a revolutionary approach called Functional Movement Systems that can identify the root causes of your movement dysfunction so we can restore pain-free mobility and stability.

A Complete Assessment of How You Move

Functional Movement Systems is a series of 10 fundamental movement tests designed to examine mobility, stability, asymmetry, and compensatory patterns. It was developed by physical therapists Gray Cook and Lee Burton to systematically break down dysfunctional movement habits and detect weaknesses that may be contributing to your pain.

At B3 Physical Therapy in Hallandale Beach, our expert staff uses this assessment to gain a global understanding of how you move compared to normal movement standards. We test movements like squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, and balance that are key to everyday life. This allows us to find the specific regions in your body where mobility or stability is lacking.

Armed with this knowledge, we can then develop a customized treatment plan to improve flexibility, range of motion, motor control, and left/right symmetry. By identifying and addressing the root causes of faulty movement patterns, we can reduce pain and restore freedom of movement long-term.

Who Can Benefit from Functional Movement Systems?

This service is ideal if you suffer from conditions like:

  • Chronic back, hip, knee, shoulder, or neck pain
  • Poor posture
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Limited mobility
  • Previous injuries affecting movement
  • Asymmetry between left/right sides

It can benefit active individuals with sports injuries, “weekend warrior” type overuse issues, or anyone looking to improve movement quality to remain active and independent as they age.

The Key Benefits of Functional Movement Systems in Hallandale Beach

There are many advantages to using the Functional Movement Systems approach at our clinic:

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: We perform a complete head-to-toe screening versus just examining the painful area. This allows us to find all contributing factors.
  • Personalized Treatment: Your customized treatment plan targets specific mobility/stability deficits and movement impairments identified.
  • Lasting Results: By retraining proper movement patterns and restoring left/right symmetry, we resolve muscle imbalances and reduce risk of re-injury.
  • Expert Care: Our experienced staff hold advanced certifications in Functional Movement Systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Functional Movement Systems:

What is the selective functional movement assessment?

The SFMA is a standardized series of 10 movements that reveal areas in your body with faulty stability or mobility compared to optimal movement standards. It systematically tests mobility, stability, compensatory patterns and left/right asymmetry.

What does a functional movement specialist do?

Our certified specialists use the SFMA screens to detect regions in your body where mobility or stability is impaired. We then design a customized treatment plan that improves flexibility, range of motion, and motor control in those deficient areas. This allows us to restore symmetry and efficient movement.

Your Functional Movement Specialist

Cara Giusti will perform your SFMA and guide your recovery with expert care. Cara holds advanced certifications in Functional Movement Systems, Y-Balance mobility assessments, and corrective exercise techniques. With 10+ years in orthopedics and sports rehab, she will help you move better so you can get back to living life pain-free.

Start Your Functional Movement Recovery

If lack of mobility or stability is preventing you from moving well and causing chronic pain, contact B3 Physical Therapy in Hallandale Beach to schedule your Functional Movement Systems assessment today.

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Oren Gulasa

Forgot what you knew bout physics therapy. This place is a game changer ! Dr. Cara and Dr. Ryan are amazing to work with, bringing brilliant approaches. Can’t wait for my next session! Highly recommended

Kay frànces wardrope

Dr. Ryan, that last treatment on my shoulder was magnificent! I was blown away by how much better I felt after our session! I highly recommend B3 to anyone in need of physical therapy!