B3 Physical Therapy Testimonials

I highly recommend B3 Physical Therapy! Dr. Cara Giusti and Dr. Ryan Shipley are very knowledgeable, kind, and attentive.
They did a thorough evaluation and were spot on in targeting the areas which were causing the pain (while sitting, walking, sleeping, and general mobility). During the weeks of therapy with Dr. Shipley, I regained muscle strength, balance, and confidence. He gave me insight about body mechanics, lots of encouragement, and a series of exercise routines for home maintenance. The clinic is clean, calm, and conducive for healing the body and promoting inner strength. B3 PT’s professionalism, expertise, and personal attention is outstanding and greatly appreciated!

Susan Shalev

B3 is a friendly, welcoming boutique physical therapy practice recommended to me and my husband by our primary physician. Dr Carra and Dr Shipley both inspire confidence as they are so knowledgeable, committed, and caring as they work with you. The welcoming office manager complements the warm atmosphere.

Pinky Lebovitz

Knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating are just a few words to describe B3 Physical Therapy. I’ve been working with Dr Ryan and in just 3 visits he has given me results that I did not think possible. All my thanks to B3 and Dr Ryan. I look forward to continuing my work with them and would highly recommend their services to anyone.


Dr. Ryan fabulous! So accommodating, friendly and most important, competent. Highly recommend if you need physio, call B3!

Jerry Rosenblatt

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Oren Gulasa

Forgot what you knew bout physics therapy. This place is a game changer ! Dr. Cara and Dr. Ryan are amazing to work with, bringing brilliant approaches. Can’t wait for my next session! Highly recommended

Kay frànces wardrope

Dr. Ryan, that last treatment on my shoulder was magnificent! I was blown away by how much better I felt after our session! I highly recommend B3 to anyone in need of physical therapy!