Cara Giusti

Cara Giusti


Cara Giusti is a 21 year veteran physical therapist and owner of B3 Physical Therapy. With a Doctorate in physical therapy, she has worked in a variety of settings including three hospitals, two private practices and a high school. The number of patients she has seen in a day has ranged from 4 per hour to 1 per hour. (Once she saw 22 patients in a day!). Therefore, she gets how the number of patients scheduled directly affects patient results. That’s why she decided to start her own private practice one patient at a time.

Through her training at Johns Hopkins Hospital and under the direct supervision of a Certified Geriatric specialist at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC, she was able to learn from the very best. She also studied the Functional Movement System and Titleist Performance methods directly under co-founder, Greg Rose, and took Rocktape courses, one with Dr. Courtney Conley at Gait Happens and Dr. Perry Nickelston’s, Primal Movement Chains and Lymphatic Mojo courses.

Now, she offers live and virtual private physical therapy, online classes, and workshops for those who are willing to keep it moving, fight against aging, eliminate symptoms and achieve optimal health.

Street Cred

B.S. Biology with Science Teaching Tract

Doctor of Physical Therapy

SFMA Level 1 and 2

FMS and YBT Certified

TPI Certified

Rocktape/Rockblade Level 1 and 2

Vestibular and Geriatric Rehab Courses

Primal Movement Chains and Lymphatic Mojo by Dr. Perry Nickelston

Fun Facts

I’ve played 8 sports. Once taking a bet that I couldn’t make the VA Tech Cheerleading Team and actually making it without ever cheering before.

I have two bifid spinous processes in my thoracic spine.

I never had any pain or broken bones in my body until 38-39 when everything hurt at the same time (right wrist, low back, neck, left knee, right shoulder) and I tore a ligament in my wrist that year!

By 45, I felt 35 and was pregnant with my first child.